Uploading your file

Once you have an API key, you can use the code shown to upload a file to the Filecoin Network. There are a couple of caveats

  • If your data's size is under 3.57 GB, the Filecoin storage deals will not immediately execute after the upload. That means you have some time to upload more data if you would like.

  • The add api has an upper size limit of about 30 GB, larger files will need to be broken up.

  • We pick 6 Filecoin miners for you, so you don't have to worry about knowing about any. If you are curious which Miners https://estuary.tech works with, click here.

  • If any miner fails to store your deal, we find another.

  • Uploading data and Filecoin deals are free for now thanks to verified Filecoin deals from the Filecoin Plus program.

Based on the size of the data you used for this step, the example to the right might take a while, but this is all thats involved with getting data onto the Filecoin Network through Estuary.

You can also use fetch in this example if you want.

fetch('https://upload.estuary.tech/content/add', {
  method: "POST",
  headers: {
    Authorization: 'Bearer REPLACE_ME_WITH_API_KEY',
  body: formData

What is next?

Next, we will learn how to get a list of the data you have uploaded.

 -X POST https://upload.estuary.tech/content/add \ 
 -H "Authorization: Bearer REPLACE_ME_WITH_API_KEY" \ 
 -H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" \ 
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