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Working with Estuary API Swagger Docs

The Outercore Engineering team created the Swagger Documentation to enable developers to test out the API functionalities and generate their own client based on their specification.

Click here to get started on Estuary API Swagger

Try them out

Once you have your swagger ui is all set with the proper authorization token (API key), you can now run a few examples.

  • To upload data, try it here
  • To get list of all content of the user, here
  • To test the get all pinned data of the current user, try it here

Developer Notes

  • If you're a developer looking to just grab the json or yaml files to generate your client code and server stubs, download them here (yaml) and here (json)
  • You can also import the json file on Postman - an API platform for building and using APIs. To learn more about Postman, click here