Storage provider application

Would you like to get your provider added to and receive verified Filecoin storage deals? Please fill out this form! If we believe your provider is qualified we will add it to our provider index and you will receive storage deals.

The expectations below are intended to give you an idea of the deals you will be receiving, they are not hard requirements and will not prevent you from being added to the provider index.

  • SPs are expected to have an unsealed copy and a sealed copy of the data
  • SPs are expected to enable and provide Fast Retrievals (unsealed sectors)
  • SPs are expected to offer free retrieval
  • SPs are expected to set all deals for the longest available duration
  • SPs have the freedom to accept as many deals as they can handle and reject deals as needed.
  • The standard start epoch for deals is 72 hours
Provider ID
Your provider configuration
  • We are in the early stages of Estuary development and we have a preference for storage providers who want to store public data that is meant to be accessed by anyone.